About the Photographer

My love for photography has grown as my family has grown. With my first child I was a point and shooter and perfectly happy with that but as each of our 5 blessings have joined our lives the more I learned and treasured the knowledge of photography.  The joy and emotion of those precious young years that are gone far too fast.  I have a deep desire to capture those fleeting moments in all their beauty.  More so now that my kids are growing up and I understand how fast it flies by.

I have taken dozens of workshops to further my craft and am always taking new classes to continue learning.  At this point I have taken: 10 different workshops for newborn photography covering everything from posing, styling and newborn safety, 4 workshops for general photography knowledge, 5 workshops on family photography.

Though I love photography I also love knitting. Every knitted outfit and hat I use in my photography is hand made by me for the precious newborn blessings who I have the honor of photographing.  There is so much love and time spent on each baby session.


Amanda Morse Photography


Capturing the Journey of Motherhood